How do you install a 1-wire GM alternator?


A 1-wire alternator is remarkable because it doesn't need to be connected to the ignition. It has its own voltage regulator that feeds itself. If you want to install a 1-wire alternator, you simply have to remove the old alternator and connect the new one. You can either connect right to the battery or pass it to a relay.
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1. Disconnect the negative battery cable at the battery. 2. Mount the alternator to the engine. These alternators were not used in cars so you may need to fabricate a mounting bracket
I would connect the L lead to the dash light for alternator fault and from there to the ignition switch and the S lead directly to the alternator output connection. If there is no
The number on a GM 1 wire alternator is:
if it is a single wire from the alternator, that one wire should go back to the positive terminal on the battery. there should be a wiring diagram that came with the part though that
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How to Install a 1-Wire GM Alternator
Installing a one-wire GM alternator makes the process of adding an alternator to a vehicle originally equipped with a generator very simple. One-wire alternators are also used by people in the performance car field to help make the car lighter as there... More »
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