How do you install a cable clamp?


A cable is a rope made of wound or braided metal wires. Wire rope clamps are made of a saddle, U-bolt and two hex nuts. This makes a connection when splicing two cables together or creating and eyelet. Each clamp comes with instructions on how to use them.
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1. Grasp the steel cable firmly and form a loop, leaving the recommended length of cable on the short side. For example, when using 1/2 inch cable the short side length is 11.5 inches
1. Contact local providers. Contact local cable companies in your area to see if they offer fiber optic service. If so, get all the details and set up an appointment. Verizon's FIOS
1. Apply for a job with a cable company. You can usually do this without any type of cable experience, since most of the training is done on site. Companies will usually want retail
1. Fasten one end of the coaxial cable to the threaded RF jack associated with your cable TV service. 2. Connect the other side of the coaxial cable to the "TV IN" jack
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