How to Install a Cherry Bomb Muffler?


Cherry bomb muffler is part of an exhaust system of a vehicle whose purpose is to decrease toxic emissions and increase car noise. It is installed by getting the vehicle up on a hydraulic lift for convenience. Asses the shape of the muffler and tailpipe; then unbolt the existing exhaust system. Take the system apart and remove the corroded and rusty parts replacing them with new ones. Starting at the front fit the cherry bomb muffler and bolt it to the pipe. Double check and tighten all bolts and nuts before taking the car off the lift.
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1. Get the car up on a hydraulic lift. You can prop the car up on jacks or ramps but for convenience, a lift is better. 2. Assess the shape of the tailpipe and the muffler. You will
Prices for a Cherry Bomb Muffler begin as low as $28 and will go up, depending on
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Get the car up on a hydraulic lift. Measure the shape of the tailpipe and the muffler. Look for the stock exhaust system and open it from the back of the car. Take the muffler system apart and remove the hangers if they are tarnished and rusty, change the hangers with new ones. Start at the front of the car-hang the Cherry Bomb muffler and then fasten it to the pipe. Check the gaskets between the pipes and the muffler-if you want to use the old ones make sure they are the right size.
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