How to Install a Double Sink?


First turn off the hot and cold water supply lines and disconnect the garbage disposal. Remove the old sink and faucet. Install the new sink and faucet according to the manufacturer's instructions. Attach the water supply lines and garbage disposal. Check to make sure everything is connected properly and working.
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To install a double sink, measure the area you want to put it in. At your local hardware store, check out the sinks and cabinets that hold them up. Put your cabinet in and drop your sink in it. Hook up the pipes.
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1. Ensure that the dishwasher has its own dedicated circuit and run wire to the location next to the double sink. If you do not have a circuit installed, you will have to have a professional
Installing a pedestal sink is not an easy job. You need to know a lot of plumbing techniques, as well as some building knowledge. I recommend you consult with a professional plumber
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Question is unclear. A double sink can use one drain, you would anchor the base to the wall the same as a single sink and the vanity is on top or in front of the drywall. If you are
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Installing a double bowl sink is similar to installing a single bowl sink. You must either cut the space yourself, or buy cabinets with a space already cut to ...
If you are putting in a new sink you can choose any style. If you are replacing an existing sink you will need to choose one the same size as the existing hole ...
1. Clean the opening where the double sink is to be installed. Make sure you clean both the top and the bottom of the counter. 2. Secure the mounting clips around ...
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