How do you install a drain field?


If you live in an area without city or county water and sewer, or connection is not a requirement, you may consider a septic tank. First, you'll need to carefully choose the location of the tank, the drain field for the tank, and an alternate drain field, should the first fail. This pdf provides in-depth installation instructions for a drain field: Important considerations, even when you hire out your installation, can be found here:
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1. Study local building codes and design the drain field accordingly. Present your plans and obtain approval from local building inspectors. Once approved, obtain your building permit
1. Dig a trench around your house using a shovel, trenching hoe and a pick axe, although using heavy equipment would do the job much easier and faster. Make sure that the trench is
1. Apply a thin layer of plumber's putty in the basin of the sink around the precut drain hole. Using plumber's putty helps ensure a proper seal and prevents leaking. 2. Set the drain
1. Dig down all the way to the footer of your basement floor. This is the base that your floor is sitting on. When you reach the footer, dig 5 or 6 inches down the side of your footer
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Installing the drain field you will need to make sure you have a lot big enough. If your lot is big enough there are four other things to consider. You need to pick the perfect spot, perk rate of the soil, depth of the soil and depth of the seasonal high water.
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