How to Install a Drain Field?


If you live in an area without city or county water and sewer, or connection is not a requirement, you may consider a septic tank. First, you'll need to carefully choose the location of the tank, the drain field for the tank, and an alternate drain field, should the first fail. This pdf provides in-depth installation instructions for a drain field: Important considerations, even when you hire out your installation, can be found here:
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1. Study local building codes and design the drain field accordingly. Present your plans and obtain approval from local building inspectors. Once approved, obtain your building permit
1. Dig out the pattern for the trenches. The main drain that will flow out of the crawl space needs to be about 12 inches wide, and the side trenches that feed into it need to be
Landscaping with grass over the top of a septic system drain field helps prevent soil erosion and helps alleviate the effects should any soil erosion occur. Plants also impart more
1. If your greywater leach field becomes clogged, pour 1 quart of septic cleaner directly into the drain field on the first day of treatment. 2. Add 1/2 cup of septic cleaner to the
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Installing the drain field you will need to make sure you have a lot big enough. If your lot is big enough there are four other things to consider. You need to pick the perfect spot, perk rate of the soil, depth of the soil and depth of the seasonal high water.
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