How do you install a lamp post?


Take it from experience, it is awesome to have a lamp post put in especially when you live in the country. It gets pretty dark at night when there isn't any lights around. Basically, all that is needed to install the lamp post is a post hole digger, some concrete and concrete form, a screw driver, oh, and of course the lamp post you want put in. Click on the link below for more instructions.
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1. Contact your local gas and power companies and request they mark the area around your home where gas and power lines run. This will help you avoid hitting wires when digging the
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it depends on the town and state and country. there is no exact answer, but wooden telephone poles are generally 24 feet tall.
1. Hammer a T-post with a T-post driver 1 to 1 1/2 feet into the ground. Make sure the top of the T-shape is on the outside of your fence (the area you're containing) 2. Hammer in
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How to Install a Lamp Post
A lamp post not only adds to curb appeal and landscaping of your yard, but also functions as a safety feature. Outdoor lamp posts provide external light without the harsh glare of a spotlight. Lamp posts come in many styles to complement your home.... More »
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To install a lamp post in your yard you will need to rent a hole digger. Be sure you have thought out the access to electric for the location you have chosen. Follow any manufacturers suggestions that are provided. For more information look here: Steps to installing a lamp post.;
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