How to Install a MTD Drive Belt?


To install a MTD Drive belt, you will need to park the lawn mower on a flat surface and make sure it is off. Remove the spark plug and lower the deck control lever to the lowest possible setting. Remove the bolts to the pulley and unhook the drive belt. Raise the deck to the disengage position and slide it out of the mower. Remove the old belt and put in a new one and reverse the process.
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1. Drive your MTD onto solid ground, turn it off and set the parking brake. Remove the spark plug wire to prevent the mower from coming on while you work on it. 2. Locate all three
You must remove battery(under seat) then remove battery box. Remove nut from drive pully and remove pully, this now gives you the slack in belts to remove.
Try going to This site will give parts list and view of the belt assembly. Hope this helps
First there are a few problems with your model number. It does tell me it is a lawn tractor because of the "13" part but the next digit or letter would tell the year. I
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1. Purchase a replacement belt that is identical to the one currently in the mower. Each mower has belts designed with particular pitches and dimensions; specific ...
A person can easily change the drive belt on an MTD Mower by disconnecting the mower decks. Changing MTD drive belt also involves removing the battery. The PTO ...
1. Unscrew the screws on shift and speed control knobs located on the side of the tractor. These secure the transmission cover. 2. Pull the transmission cover ...
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