How to Install a Pool Skimmer?


If you have purchased a new pool or need to replace the current skimmer, it may be very helpful to know how to install a pool skimmer. Begin by lowering the water level in the pool to approximately 2 inches below the skimmer area. Next, mark the area and then cut out a hole for the skimmer. Insert the screws and install the faceplate, then attach the skimmer to the outside pool wall. Finish by connecting the pool hose to the skimmer and turning the skimmer on.
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1. Make sure the pool is level. A pool skimmer will not work properly in a pool that is not level. Measure the distance around the pool from the top of the pool to the water level
Some of this depends on how much water flow you need, like how much water you need to get out of the pool to supply a water feature. That said, just to do the job of a skimmer (get
1. Remove the skimmer flapper and rod from the wall of the pool skimmer. Ad. 2. Remove the plastic rod from the tube that it fits in on the flapper. 3. Carefully cut the rod in half
Think of a pool. skimmer. in a residential pool like you would a gutter in a larger public swimming pool: it assists in pool cleaning by skimming water and capturing floating debris
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How to Install a Pool Skimmer
Above-ground pools can be as exciting and fun as in-ground pools. However, many above-ground pools do not come with the cleaning products that many in-ground pools come with. A pool skimmer makes the job of cleaning any pool much easier. It is possible... More »
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There are two types of skimmers made for above ground swimming pools. They are the through wall skimmer and the floating skimmer. They are meant to clean debris ...
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