How do you install a radio in a golf cart?


A person can install a radio in a golf cart by mounting the receiver onto the golf cart. The speakers can also be mounted. The radio must be wired properly into the proper terminals.
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1. Visit a store or website that sells car radios and look for a mid-range model. It should be of a high enough wattage to block out the sound of the golf cart and any other noises
it would probably be better to ground all the 12 volt stuff directly to the battery so you dont get any weired interference issues. good luck.
1 You must first rent the golf cart from the pro shop or club house and obtain a key. Ad 2 Locate your golf cart by finding the cart that has the same number as the one on your key.
1. Check the battery terminals if your cart won't start. Make sure they are clean and connected. Look at the water level in the battery. If low, refill with distilled water. Look
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How to Install Golf Cart Radio
Some people play golf to get away from it all, but others like to keep up-to-date with the latest news while they play. Others unwind by listening to music on their favorite radio stations as they move around the green. If this appeals to you, why not... More »
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