How to Install a Rifle Sling?


For anyone that has ever wondered how to install a rifle sling, the first step is to begin by measuring where you would like to install the sling swivels. Once you have measured properly, proceed to drill the holes straight in the stock and forearm. Once you have drilled the holes you can go one to attach sling swivels. Next, attach the rifle sling to the sling swivels by simply clipping them in to place.
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1. Feed the running end of the shorter strap through the rear sling swivel, located on the bottom of the buttstock of the weapon. 2. Thread the running end, referred to as the "
1. Drill 2 holes into the muzzle, making sure they are straight in one line. Ad. 2. Use 2 little screws with an eye on the end and put them into the holes, making sure they don't
Sometimes you need to shoot, you need to shoot. now. and you need to make minimal movement while preparing to shoot. Maybe your sling isn't around your off-side arm and conditions
Here's the basics on mounting the scope on a rifle. ( Assuming you have a scope mount on the rifle. 1. Place the bottom half of the scope rings on the rifle first (Without the scope
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How to Install a Rifle Sling
In the annals of the history of rifle marksmanship, the rifle sling has a venerated position within the United States. While shooters outside of the U.S. often used the rifle sling for nothing more than a carrying strap, the Marine Corps taught the use... More »
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