How to Install a Shower Drain?


What you do want to do when you install a shower drain is to make sure you have a tight connection. One tool that you will be using on this job is the dependable screwdriver.
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If a tub has been removed, the floor under it has to be cut out the size needed for the shower, then it has to be concreted with the floor slanting towards the drain. Place the black
1. Buy pvc hardware of the correct size so that it will fit with current plumbing. Remove any cracked or broken pipe. If the current plumbing is black pipe then rubber adaptors are
i just did a shower a few months back. the answer is you want your drain to be about a 1/16 of an inch below the surface of the tile But you will find that the drains are adjustable
Answer I can be but the toilet needs to have 24" infront of it to be legal. Plus you cannot tie your shower drain in the the horizontal branch of the toilet.
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1. Cut a 4 ½-inch diameter hole in the substrate with a jigsaw; use a diamond blade saw or diamond blade rotary tool to cut through concrete. Cut the hole ...
Step one is to check the piping, making sure you have no cracks or missing seals. Next purchase your materials at your local hardware store. You can find out ...
To install a shower drain you will need a drill, PVC cement, PVC prep and the shower drain. Make sure to measure before buying the PVC hardware so that you will ...
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