How to Install a Stove Pipe Damper?


To install a stove pipe damper, make a hole on each side of the stove pipe, just big enough for the central spike in the damper. Remove the spike from the damper. Place the damper into the pipe, and insert the spike through the hole, the damper holder and out the other side. Assemble stove pipe.
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1. Measure the size of the opening for your chimney from inside the fireplace. Measure the circumference of the bottom of the stovepipe that will be connected to your stove. 2. Cut
I agree with answer one, AND locate it in the vertical section at a location and height so that it's EASY to REACH AND OPERATE [this is for safety; to reduce the chance of contacting
Zyang... You CANNOT connect any pipes to the furnace exhaust pipe..OK? The CO (carbon monoxide) from the furnace could flow back into your home and kill you... Only realistic solution
Welcome back Chad, you are right it should stay 6" all the way to the top. and the inside of the chimney should be insulated. please have a certified sweep take a first hand
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1. Close the stove doors and wait for the fire to burn out if the stove has been in use. Wait for the vent pipe to cool to room temperature. 2. Loosen and remove ...
A flue damper is an iron plate that is fitted inside the first length of flue pipe on top of your stove. The flue draws air out of the stove allowing you to reduce ...
1. Identify the position of the damper by the orientation of the metal handle that rests outside the flue pipe. The metal handle and the damper disc are in line ...
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