How do you install a thermostatic mixing valve?


To install a thermostatic mixing valve, first check the local building codes. Turn off the main water supply and open all faucets to allow water drain. Next, select a location that will be accessible for adjustment, cleaning and servicing. Solder the connections to the thermostatic valve before attaching it to prevent damaging gaskets. Then, tighten the connections and turn the water on to check the water temperature. Finally, turn the hand wheel to adjust the dial to the desired temperature.
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1. Check local building codes to ensure all laws are followed with regard to what qualifications are required by code when installing the mixing valve. 2. Turn off the main water
The purpose of a thermostatic mixing valve is to mix hot water with cold water. This is what keeps the constant temperature in both bath and shower water.
1 Purchase a digital thermostat from a home improvement or hardware store. Ad 2 Turn off the power to your furnace before beginning digital thermostat installation. 3 Remove the cover
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How to Install a Thermostatic Mixing Valve
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