How to Install a Urinal?


To install a urinal you will need to measure where you are going to put it to get the right measurements. Also draw an outline around the urinal and allow enough height for whoever will be using it. Next find the pipes that will feed the water and waste out of the urinal. Shut the water off and saw holes where the water feed is and the sewer is. Check out this site for more detailed instructions.
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Installing a urinal you will need a few tools. You will need safety glasses, tape measure, adjustable wrench, screwdriver, pencil, level, sealant tape and cutting equipment.
You will need to mount it on the wall about 24' off the ground. The rim height must be determined before you can put the pipe into place. You can find more info at:
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1. Rough in the plumbing. Toto urinals require a 5/8-inch water inlet and a 2-inch outlet. The outlet is placed 19 1/2 inches above floor level with the water input 48 1/2 inches
For a start, you usually need a 1 inch supply pipe with at least 85 psi of water. Actually installing the fittings is very simple and they all come with adequate instructions.
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It will run you about 7000 dollars to install a
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1. Observe all local plumbing and building codes. 2. Site preparation may require additional tools, hardware, and the assistance of a plumber. 3. Turn the water ...
Urinal involves a vitreous china or stainless steel fixture that is installed at the bottom of the urinal into a fitting that is connected to a drainpipe, then ...
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