How to Install Air Conditioner Filter?


Take off the front panel and the filter will either have to be placed against the inner face or if it is a big unit, a filter will be on the door and the other under the unit in a slot for it, with a cover held by 2 screws. Good luck.
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1. Locate your return air duct which is often on the wall. This is larger than the air flow ducts that circulate air into the various rooms of your home. The return air duct is usually
Well before you can start you need to find out what size filter you need. When you have your filter just open the cover to replace it. You may need a screwdriver but some just pop
To install a window air conditioning unit is a very simple task. Open your window and place the unit in the window. Then if your unit has side tags pull them out to prevent air flow
It depends if it is a central unit or a window unit. A central unit will have a return air duct with a hinged grate. open the grate and pull out the old filter. Check the size and
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