How to Install Aluminum Soffit?


Make sure that the framer has installed backing before installing soffit. The rafter fascia creates the backing you need for one side of the soffit. For more information look here: Installation of Aluminum Soffit;
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1. Remove any existing soffit ceiling and inspect the boards on both sides. Replace any wood that is rotted or otherwise damaged. Measure the width of the soffit opening to get the
Install soffits on the eaves by first cutting the soffit pieces to fit. Slide these into J-channel that you've attached to the house. Work in this manner around the house to complete
You'll never have to paint the roof overhangs again! give it a thumbs-up! User Comments Write a comment about this project + Add Your Comment Wrap the soffits and fascias on your
It all depends on the size of your house. Is it a two floor or a ranch. What is the soffit area in square feet. You didnt provide a photo or more details about your home so its impossible
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To install aluminum Soffit and Fascia, the roof edges are prepared. Any decorative trim that might get into the gutter is removed. The peeling is scraped off. ...
Aluminum soffit is commonly used in homes in conjunction with vinyl siding. Aluminum soffit is durable and able to weather outdoor elements. This product is made ...
1. Take length measurements of the trim features, such as the top of the window and soffit lengths, to determine the required size for the sheet metal brake. A ...
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