How to Install an Electric Shower?


To install an electric shower, mark holes on the wall where you will mount the shower unit and drill pilot holes using a masonry bit. Make a half inch hole in the shower wall to fix in the copper branch pipe. Fit the pipe then a stopcock to the end of the branch pipe with the arrow on the stopcock pointing towards the shower head. Fit the T-joint to the rising main and tighten the cap nuts and other joints well. Mount the shower head to the end of the copper branch pipe. Connect the flexible spray hose to the shower unit and the shower head.
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How to Install an Electric Shower
How to Install an Electric Shower. An electric shower may sound absurd, as electricity is heating water just a few inches above your head; however, if installed correctly an electric shower can be a safe and financially sound investment. An electric... More »
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Nothing brings extra warmth to your shower like an electric shower. You will need to get a qualified electrician to install your electric shower. It must be installed in accordance with IEE wiring regulations and relevant building regulations.
You should hire a professional electrician to install an Electric shower. Make sure that pipes are not leaking and supply plug has Earthing and Fuse protection.
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1. Use the template provided by the manufacturer to mark holes on the wall where you will mount the shower unit. Using your marks as guides, drill pilot holes using the appropriate
First take the covers off the water knobs and unscrew the faucet from the wall. Unhook the plumbing, and reattach it to the new faucet. Screw the new faucet back in place and replace
1. Remove your existing shower head with a wrench or pliers. In some cases, the shower filter contains a built-in shower head, in which case you can set your old head aside. Otherwise
You have the instructions, but would you know if you missed something? how would you feel if someone got hurt because you didn't do something properly, get an electrician.
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Fixing a broken electric shower requires the knowledge of a skilled repair man as the installation and repair must comply with current Water Supply Bylaws and ...
1. Prepare cables or wires of the right thickness for your shower as specified in the installation manual. These wires or cables can be easily purchased from local ...
1. Pick a location for your electric shower that is near the main cold water supply and close to a spot where you can install an independent circuit. 2. Consult ...
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