How do I install an auto window tint?


First a mounting solution must be prepared, and the window should be thoroughly cleaned. The window should be measured to cut the proper amount of window tint.

Gather a cutting knife, scissors, single edge razor blade, scrubbing pad and a rubber squeegee. A hard flattened card, a 16-ounce spray bottle, lint-free paper towels and mild baby shampoo are also needed.

Mix four drops of the shampoo into 16 ounces of water. This solution acts as a lubricant when positioning the film, and it keeps the film from sticking to itself.

The glass must be completely cleaned. Spray the shampoo solution, and scrape it gently with a razor blade to remove stuck-on debris. Once glass is completely clean, spray it once more and wipe it clean with the squeegee.

Measure the window, and roll out the tint film, leaving 1 inch extra on each side. Cut the film, and begin peeling away the backing from one corner. Spray the adhesive side with the shampoo solution, and place it directly onto the surface.

Once the film is in the desired place, use the squeegee or the flat card to squeeze out excess solution slowly. Catch the excess solution with a paper towel. If the tool begins to stick to the film, apply a light mist of the solution directly to the film. Trim the excess tint with scissors.

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How to Install Auto Window Tint
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