How to Install Cedar Siding Shingles.?


1. Install a first starter shingle at the bottom corner of the house. To do this, position the starter shingle and insert two nails into either upper side of the shingle, at least an inch from the edge. For extra security, insert a third nail between
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Cedar shingles are a great addition to your home, since they provide extra insulation, as well as beauty. You can probably install them right over your existing asphalt shingles.
yes you can cover up the very expensive and desirable cedar shakes with some cheap vinyl siding.
For siding here in Raleigh, NC it's $600 a square or $6 a square foot.
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Handy homeowners can purchase do-it-yourself cedar shingle siding to install on their homes. The siding typically does not come in kits, but has to be cut, measured ...
1. Snap a chalk line along the foundation wall a half-inch beneath the wooden sheathing on the sides of the house. 2. Nail a cedar shingle to each end of a 1-inch ...
1. Mix powdered oxygen bleach with warm water in a plastic bucket. Refer to the directions on the product's label for specific amounts of oxygen bleach and water ...
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