How to Install Cydia on iPhone?


To install cydia on iPhone you open Cydia, the opening will take ten seconds time that it charges all that it has, once finished starting normally, then choose to use graphical only, then normally you will have a small red in a bubble, click on Change, then click on Upgrade on top in the right so that it can upgrade what is unavailable.
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1. Go to "Cydia" from the iPhone home screen. The icon can be identified as the one that has boxes inside of boxes with a brown background. 2. Select "Changes"
There is absolutely no way to do this. Cydia will only run on a genuine iPhone or iPhone 3g. Sorry. Source(s)
1. Download a jailbreak program. You must have a jailbroken device in order to install and use Cydia. This is because Cydia is a third-party app that is not available from the Apple
Use open App mkt on safari but if it messes up reboot your i device
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