How do you install decomposed granite?


Decomposed granite is a cheap material for patios, walkways and driveways. To install decomposed granite, first determine the size and shape of the intended surface with a tape measure and lay out the path with ropes. Pack loose dirt at the bottom of the expanse until it is hard and flat and cover the bottom with weed barrier fabric. Spike through the corner to hold it down. Fill the excavation with five inches aggregate and rake it over the site in other to compact the rocks into solid base. Add two to three inches of decomposed granite over the aggregate. Stamp the granite until it feels firm under your feet. Finally secure metal or plastic edge restraints around the outside of the site with a hammer and nine inch nail spikes. For information, follow link
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1. Figure the size and shape of the intended surface with a tape measure and a basic sketch of your yard. Lay out the path with ropes or landscaping paint. Use a spade or flat shovel
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1. Install your cabinets. Make sure they are level and securely attached to the floor and wall. Ad. 2. Make sure walls are square. If they aren’t, make necessary allowances
It depends a little on just how decomposed it is, and whether it's been disturbed or not (native state or excavated and recompacted, or not recompacted) but generally, use of a unit
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How to Install Decomposed Granite
Decomposed granite is an affordable material for patios, walkways and driveways. It has a sandy consistency and is mixed with 1/4 inch pieces of granite. There are two ways to apply it: loose or coated with a resin that forms a solid surface. Installing... More »
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