How do you install drain tile?


A person can install drain tile by first digging a deep enough trench. Filtration paper needs to be applied to the drainpipe trench. The gravel also needs to be re-covered.
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1. Dig a trench around your home. This is most effectively done using heavy equipment, but shovels and hoes can also do the job. Just remember that the trench needs to go to the base
1. Lay out your tile using your tape measure, pencil and level, with intersecting lines through the middle of the area to be tiled. Use your notched trowel to spread down thinset
1. Place a template onto the wall that measures the correct size for your electrical box and trace it with a pencil. 2. Cut the tile and the drywall behind it with an electric rotary
1. Install your cement board sheets in staggered rows over the subfloor, spreading down thinset mortar with your notched trowel for each sheet, pressing it into place, and sinking
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How to Install Drain Tile
Drain tile is one of your home's most important defenses against water damage. Drain tile combined with your foundation's cement footer channels water away from your foundation to prevent seepage into the basement through cracks in the structure. Your... More »
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