How do you install Dryvit?


Dryvit is a brand of siding veneers, and an alternative to stucco. In most cases, with the proper preparation, Dryvit can be applied directly to substrates that will support adhesives, but metal lath should be used for brick, masonry, or older wood siding exteriors. Dryvit application instructions are available here: The metal lath instructions are available here: Special tips for problem areas are available here:
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1. Measure the brick surface with a tape measure to get the total square footage needed to cover it completely. Add 10 percent to the total to allow for bad measurement or waste.
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The precise instructions for installing Dryvit will depend on the project you are installing it on. Dryvit can be used on new or existing buildings. You will want to take the time to gather your tools and materials before you begin.
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