How do you install a furnace ignitor?


To install a furnace ignitor, first turn off the gas supply then locate the ignitor position to screw it in. Fasten the screws appropriately and change the covers if necessary. Turn the power on and insert the gas source to verify if there is a glow. This will be an indicator that your ignitor is fixed.
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1. Shut off the circuit breaker that supplies electrical current to the furnace. 2. Find the pilot light access panel, which is usually toward the floor where the gas line enters
Furnace ignitors generally last 7 to 10 years. This is all just based on average. Location of furnace, dirty burner box, and usage can all effect this. Most all manufactures went
Matching it up will be the tough part. Typically it'll take either a 1/4" or 5/16" nut driver, or possibly a Phillips screwdriver. Take it out and stop by the local hvac
I am assuming your referring to the stove top burner ignitor. Well - I can only say on my Viking 48 inch - it was located at top RHS of the stove on the 'back wall'. I was advised
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How to Install a Furnace Ignitor
Gas furnaces are preferred by many people because of their energy efficiency and dependability. Many gas furnaces made since the 1980s are even more energy efficient because they contain an ignitor. The ignitor lights the pilot when heat is called for by... More »
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