How to Install Knotty Pine Walls?


In order to install knotty pine walls you will need a stud finder, level and a trim nailer. You will also need a table saw, pencil and a miter saw. Begin by locating the studs in the room and marking them with a pencil. Make another mark 1/2 inch up from the floor as well.
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1. Use your electronic stud finder to locate all the studs in the room. With your level and pencil, mark them vertically on the wall. 2. Use your level and pencil to mark a level,
The best thing to use is a standard automobile paste wax. It cleans deep and leaves a like new shine.
As to ruining the value , I would say yes. Buy a quality flat paint and add water.
My entire log cabin livingroom was in knotty pine and had never been cleaned. I simply used Minwax wood cleaner on it. Use a clean rag and clean the panels one at a time from top
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You can clean knotty pine walls with a solution of dish detergent and hot water. Wipe down the walls with a soft, clean rag and the water solution. Always wipe ...
To clean knotty pine walls, make a basic mixture of one tablespoon of dish cleanser to a large bowl or bucket of water to remove sticky substances on varnished ...
Knotty Pine Paneling gives a very rustic look to a home or cabin. It can be used anywhere in the home such as the ceiling, walls, and floor. You can get it in ...
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