How to Install outside Lights?


Before you start connecting your outdoor lighting you will need to switch off your power supply at the fuse box before starting the electrical work. When choosing your light fitting, make sure it is suitable for outdoor use, even if it is going to be positioned in a sheltered position. Use a heavy-duty drill and masonry bit to drill through your outside wall in the spot where you want to position the light. Feed the electrical cable through the wall from the inside. Use rubber sheathed 1mm2 3-core flexible cable to connect the light to the junction box. Connect the cable to the FCU and the junction box. Connect the FCU to the socket outlet terminals with a 2.5mm2 cable and fit a 5 amp fuse in the FCU. Hold your light fitting over the protruding cable on your outside wall and mark the screw positions. Drill the holes, insert raw plugs and fit the light on the wall. Feed the cable through the lights base plate and connect it according to the manufacturer?s instructions. Reconnect the power supply and test the new light.
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Outside light comes with a grill mesh and glass to prevent water and impact damage. Drill holes in the wall and attach the base plate on which the bulb is mounted, and make electrical connections. Then fix the grill mesh glass over it with screws.
Outside lights just make you feel safer. Some of the items you will need before starting are a conduit, timer switch, hacksaw, weatherproof elnbowns, weatherproof receptacles, underground feed cable , (UF Cable) and Screwdriver. Read more:
To install outside lights, first check the local codes and requirements for outdoor lighting. Next, do underground wiring using a UF cable. This cable must have a grounding conductor for purposes of safety. Proceed to use a conduit to cover the cable where it is exposed above the ground and where it bends underground. Bury the underground cable 24? deep, although 18? is still ok. Next, install an outlet box or a weatherproof box into which you will install a flush-mounted switch and receptacle. Also, install a surface mounted switch and a surface-mounted receptacle. Before beginning underground installation, switch off all current from the main switch box. Then begin underground cable installation from the fuse box. Run the cable through the wall to where a weatherproof elbow will be mounted. From the elbow, run the conduit to where it bends underground then mount it to the building foundation using conduit connectors. From here, you can attach lighting fixtures and outlet boxes at any point where the cable is buried.
Installing outside lights requires some basic steps. Plan your project and decide on the wire route. You will want to dig the trench and postholes. Run the wire under the walkway. Pre-assemble your light post before wiring it and build the post assembly. Connect the electrical connection tips. Read more:
Lights that are to be installed outside the house should be protected from direct water splashes. You can install light under projected balcony or porch. Also you can use lights that have protective grill mesh.
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