How to Install Printer without Disc?


Sometimes you don't need the installation disk to install a printer drive on your computer. You can usually just go to the company website that your printer is and install the drive from there.
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I recently installed my printer without a disc. I went to the printer company's website and typed in search, 'install my printer'. I put the exact name of the computer in the search engine. If gave me the download option for free.
If you want to install a printer without disc, you should have drivers for the same or have access to internet. Windows will automatically download suitable drivers.
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In order to install a printer without a disk, you will need the driver file, which can be gotten online from the manufacturer. Download the file and then double click on it to install
1. Determine the type of printer you have. If you've misplaced your printer's manual, you can locate the make and model of your printer by looking on the printer itself. 2. Know what
How do i reconnect to my 5610 printer. I lost communication with the printer.
The disc is simply used to download the device driver for the printer, which is basically a set of coding giving your computer the ability to communicate with your computer. All you
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