How to Install Wheel Tubs?


You can install wheel tubs with careful measurements and a grinder to remove the rust and dirt from the inner body panel. Cut away the stock wheel wells, then insert the bent edge in the seam on the tub. You may have to trim the tubs a bit at the tabs. For more information look here:;
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There are different types of hot tubs and how you would install them depends on what type you have. Check your manufacturers directions for installation. Follow those directions so
1. The first thing that you will have to do is remove the drywall or other wall materials where you will be running your pipes. Once this has been completed so that you are able to
1 Assemble the overflow pipe. The drain-waste-overflow pipe assembly must be positioned correctly. Place the rubber gasket on top of the waste overflow, which is the top opening of
1. Remove the horn button or steering wheel pad so that you can access the larger nut that holds the wheel to the steering column. Horn buttons and steering wheel pads can usually
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Installing faucets in fiberglass tub prevents the fiberglass from breaking. To install a fiberglass tub measure the tub and then fix the trip lever and waste assembly ...
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