How to Interpret a Conners Rating Scale?


A Conners Rating Scale is used to interpret the behavior of mental patients. It is based off a 4 point scale. It can also assess AD/HD in children. Check out this site for more information:˜hatchettg/305/Initial Assessment in Counseling.ppt
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1. Read a score denoting mild dementia. This score will fall between 0 and 5. The patient may misplace items, begin to lose sense of time, or begin to wander or get lost. It may be
Conner's Rating Scale is used for ADHD testing, and is used in the first criterion
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The Conners Test for ADHD is simple to use however the interpretation should be made by a qualified health professional. The rater of the test circles a number on a scale of 0-3 based on how often the behavior is seen. For more information look here:;
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