How do you interview a celebrity?


When interviewing a celebrity, preparation is crucial. It is important to research the person thoroughly and prepare a list of interview questions. The interviewer should plan plenty of time to interview a celebrity. During the interview, it is important to record it in addition to writing down important points and answers.

Thoroughly researching a celebrity prior to an interview may involve many different steps. For example, if the celebrity has written a book, it is important to read the book to gain as much knowledge about the person as possible. The celebrity's social media sites are useful, as they provide insight on what the celebrity is currently doing and what the celebrity is passionate about. If applicable, the celebrity's most current movies or records should be reviewed. This knowledge and research will help shape the questions that are asked during the interview.

Because most celebrities have limited time, preparing a list of questions is important so that the interviewer can keep the interview going without having to stop to think of a question. This also ensures that the interviewer does not forget any important questions. Properly recording the interview and taking good notes is also crucial. This gives the interviewer plenty of information so that he may accurately share the celebrity's story.

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How to Interview a Celebrity
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