How to Interview Someone for a Job?


The first thing to do in interviewing a person is to prepare the material for the interview. Work with the people conversant with the job in preparing and standardizing the questions that will be asked to all those being interviewed. Also aim to convince them that that company is the best place for them to work in even as you search for the best applicant. This is because the most talented or skilled applicants have a variety of fields from which to choose from. During the interview, follow a structured procedure in asking the questions. This means all applicants should be asked the same questions and their scores graded as per the responses they give to them. This procedure levels the field for all candidates eliminating biasness. Ask questions that seek to bring out the applicant’s competence, people skills, behavioural skills, and situational based skills. Once the interview is over, thank each of the applicants and let them know of how they will get feedback whether or not they are selected.
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A good way to interview someone for a job is to give examples of job duties and then let the person interviewing give answers. This is a good way to test the person's abilities and see their basic understanding of the duties. You have the resume or application so go over different information, during the interview, so you utilize the time well.
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