How to Iron a Graduation Gown?


To iron a graduation gown, place a towel over the gown and iron it on cool. The best way to get the wrinkles out of the gown is to have it steamed. Ironing a gown can burn it.
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1. Set the iron to a low heat with steam and allow it to heat up. 2. Place the graduation gown over the ironing board and smooth the gown fabric on the board. 3. Place the towel over
you can do that and what idid was lay a towel over the gown and then iron then it isnt to hot on it
The graduation gown usually stops a few inches above your ankles.
Graduation gowns are usually made from a very flimsy material that is not colorfast. It cannot withstand hand or machine washing. It is best to let a dry cleaner handle a wax, or
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How to Iron a Graduation Gown
As a graduate prepares for her big commencement day, many details will fill the schedule. Do not overlook one seemingly small detail by forgetting that your graduation gown may have unsightly wrinkles. Because of the packaging, when you remove your... More »
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