How do you iron a satin dress?


When ironing a satin dress you need to remember that satin is a fabric that burns or scorches very easily. To protect the sheen, turn the dress inside out before you begin. Turn your iron down to the lowest setting. Use a piece of fabric or a towel between the fabric and your iron, lifting it as needed to check how it's coming. Keep your iron moving, never let it sit in one place. Use fast, smooth, steady strokes. If you take your time, the dress will turn out lovely.
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Place your satin dress on a hanger and hang it on a flat wall. Spray the satin dress lightly with the water in your water bottle. Do not spray it heavily. Heat your steam iron on
Iron the dress on a very low setting with a towel over top of it. Place one
Learning how to iron a dress shirt properly requires practice, and lots of it. Even if you know the basics of how it's done, it requires skill in handling the clothes iron so that
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How to Iron Satin Dresses
Ironing satin dresses must be done in a very particular way to ensure that all wrinkles are properly removed from the material. See how you can iron satin dresses with help from a professional tailor in this free video clip.... More »
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To iron a satin dress you must turn the garment inside out first and then put the iron on the lowest setting possible. To be sure and not burn the delicate fabric you will want to put a small towel in between the iron and dress while ironing as well.
I personally would not recommend ironing a satin dress. It is better to place the dress in the dryer with a wet towel for around 10 minutes.
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Satin is a silken fabric of high lustre used mainly as a dress material, Satin is weaved in a peculiar manner and afterwards upon a dressing given by rolling the ...
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