How to Jack up a Sagging Floor?


To jack up a sagging floor you will need two 4 by 6 beams. You will place the first one under the joists. You will place the second one on the floor. You will start by placing the jack between the two beams. See the link for more detailed instructions.
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1. Place a level on the floor to identify the location of the sagging floor joists. 2. Cut two 4-by-6 wood beams to a length sufficient to reach each of the sagging floor joists.
you can use a floor jack or a bottle jack.
In order to correct this problem permanently you must figure out what is causing the sag. Once the cause of the sag is properly addressed you can level the low spot using self-leveling
1. Place a piece of hardwood next to the old floor to gauge the difference in thickness. If the old floor is thicker than the hardwood, the subfloor can be adjusted at the transition
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How to Jack Up a Sagging Floor
No one enjoys walking through a house and feeling the floor dip as if walking on the ocean. Besides being an annoyance, a sagging floor is a sign of a poor structure. The floor joists are either warping or settling because of time and use. Jacking up the... More »
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To jack up a sagging floor you will need safety goggles, some work gloves, a mask, a hammer, a reciprocating saw, a jack, and a measuring tape.
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