How to Jack up a Sagging Floor?


To jack up a sagging floor you will need two 4 by 6 beams. You will place the first one under the joists. You will place the second one on the floor. You will start by placing the jack between the two beams. See the link for more detailed instructions.
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1. Stack two 2x6 or 2x8 pieces of lumber to create a base plate where the floor jack will be used; the pieces of lumber should be a minimum 24 inches in length. Center the floor jack
There are jacks that are actually called "floor jacks" made just for this purpose. It's basically a screw type jack that you turn about 1/8" every day (less/more depending
1. Apply mineral spirits to a steel wool pad. Rub the pad across the floor to remove the wax build up. Continue to saturate the pad with the mineral spirits as you work across the
Instructions. Open SketchUp, then click the "Camera" menu. Click "Standard views," followed by clicking "Top" to switch the current viewpoint to top
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How to Jack Up a Sagging Floor
No one enjoys walking through a house and feeling the floor dip as if walking on the ocean. Besides being an annoyance, a sagging floor is a sign of a poor structure. The floor joists are either warping or settling because of time and use. Jacking up the... More »
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To jack up a sagging floor you will need safety goggles, some work gloves, a mask, a hammer, a reciprocating saw, a jack, and a measuring tape.
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