How to Join a Cult?


For some reason there is an endless supply of what most people would consider cults available to join in the world. It is a lot easier to be a follower than to be a leader.
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It is human nature to search for truth. Many cults appeal to the empty place in peoples lives and after time the teachings make sense. The best way to avoid a cult is to study what
Buy occult items. Embrace supernatural culture by listening to occult music and read books. Local stores that sell occult jewelry and other items may be havens for supernatural groups
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You can go out on the town. Check out local gothic clubs to find members of supernatural
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You can join the satanic cult by going to satanic churches. Satanism is all about restricting one's own life, judging and expressing inner power and authority. ...
One reason why people join cults is to attain a sense of achievement in their lives; these people usually have low self esteem and they are made to feel significant ...
Most people join cults because they are deceived by cult members who do not reveal everything about what the cult believes and how they operate. Most cult religions ...
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