How to Join Crocheted Granny Squares?


To join crocheted Granny Squares, you need to choose the technique that you want to use. For instance, the whip stitch join requires you to use a contrasting or matching yarn. Align your squares and stitch them in your preferred way. You can find the detailed steps from .
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1. Chain stitch the number of stitches specified in pattern. 2. Make a slip stitch in top chain to make the chain form a ring. 3. Chain three. (This counts as the first of three double
When you need to change skeins of yarn while you are working your project, it is best to do it at the end of a line. I would overlap three or four inches of yarn at the end of one
Work 3 sl sts (2 sl sts with the old color, and join the new color in the third) so that your crochet hook is adjacent to the space formed by the closest set of chain sts. Ch 3, 2
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