How to Join the Bandidos?


There are a couple of ways that someone can join the Hispanic gang the Bandidos. One of the most popular ways is to be noticed by them and get jumped in.
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Bandidos Motorcycle Club is a motorcycle gang w/ a worldwide
Most clubs have you hang around for awhile, maybe a few years. Then once they get to know you well enough, you have to prospect, which is usually at least a year-long process in which
1. Apply online. The Army's website prompts you to enter information about yourself, view available jobs and make a list of preferred jobs. The application can be completed all at
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The Bandidos motorcycle club has chapters and support clubs around the world. The easiest way to join would be to, firstly, own a motorcycle and, secondly, ask for permission. Bikers respect honor, courage and commitment. If you already are a part of a Motorcycle club then perhaps your group would consider becoming a probationary chapter. For more information look here: The Bandidos motorcycle club website.;
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