How to Join the Bandidos?


There are a couple of ways that someone can join the Hispanic gang the Bandidos. One of the most popular ways is to be noticed by them and get jumped in.
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Bandidos Motorcycle Club is a motorcycle gang w/ a worldwide
1. Be a motorcycle enthusiast who uses a motorcycle as a primary means of transportation. 2. Ride an average of 20,000 miles a year. As the Hell's Angels website says, "this
1. Call your county Farm Bureau Federation. This number can be found in the telephone book or online and will vary by location. Over the phone, you can pay for your dues with a Visa
1. Evaluate your Runescape goals and keep them clear in your mind as you search for your new clan. 2. Access your Runescape account and left-click on the "Forums" link.
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The Bandidos motorcycle club has chapters and support clubs around the world. The easiest way to join would be to, firstly, own a motorcycle and, secondly, ask for permission. Bikers respect honor, courage and commitment. If you already are a part of a Motorcycle club then perhaps your group would consider becoming a probationary chapter. For more information look here: The Bandidos motorcycle club website.;
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