How to Join the IRA?


The Irish Republican Army is a group of computer game (mostly military) enthusiasts who get together online and play. There are no strict rules about getting in except mutual respect for other players and fair play. It spans most of Europe actively and the rest of the world inactively.
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Here is how you can joing: First you must prove that you are serious about your
I'd assume you'd need to be at-least a 32csm member, even then they'd be hesitant because anyone of their activists could snitch on them, and destroy the entire organization.
You forgot to mention that you are a Supreme Clown.
Like all such groups it is about trust and who you know you don`t just join the mafia the IRA or the illuminati. The Irish have a very legitimate reason to want English invaders to
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In 1973, the major events that took place in Britain are as follows; Britain, Ireland and Denmark join the European economic community (EEC), IRA bombs explode ...
In 1974 the IRA began a bombing campaign in Britain starting with the bombing of the Tower of London and parliament houses. British Coal Miners also joined many ...
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