How to Join the Mile High Club?


Book a red-eye flight. With Air Marshals aboard and Indecent Exposure laws on the books, darkness is definitely the preferred medium for membership. Find a friend. No matter how much fun you're able to have alone, it just doesn't count toward
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Well the Mile High Club is were you have any type of sexual acts inside of a plane or anything that goes in the air. Even though this would be hard being the bathrooms in the planes
So my man and I are flying home from New York to Los Angeles last week, when I think, you know, it's about time we join the Mile High Club. For those of you who don't know what the
The mile high club is when you have intercourse on an
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The term 'Mile High Club' is a term used to refer to people engaging in sexual activity or having sexual intercourse on board an airplane in flight. There have ...
Whether you are in high school or out of any type of school, interests groups are widely available. Music clubs, in particular, are available for anyone and everyone ...
You can join the Hell's Angels motorcycle club by meeting with a member near where you live. A Hell's Angel motorcyclist rides the bike at least 20,000 miles a ...
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