How to Keep a Basketball Scorebook?


If you are interested in keeping a basketball scorebook for a basketball team, you should learn the official NCAA method of keeping score. It is the only official scoring form.
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How to Keep a Basketball Scorebook
Every basketball game requires someone to keep the scorebook. The scorebook is the official record of the game. After the scoreboard is turned off the only thing left is the scorebook. When you think about all the stats that you need to track to keep a... More »
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1. Enter in the teams and players. If you do not have the teams and players listed correctly you will not be able to keep a basketball scorebook accurately. 2. Keep track of individual
In Alphabetical Order. Abbreviations Definitions * or ! Great Defensive Play 1B Single 2B Double 3B Triple A Assist BB Base on Balls BK Balk BS Blown Save BT Bunt CG Complete Game
The score in basketball is very simple to follow. There are 3 different situations of points scored and you need to follow them. Free throws add 1 point, normal basket is 2 points
Learn all the players names, record the score of the game, record how many saves the goalie gets, record goals and assists (and who gets them) and record who is at games and practices
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In order to keep a high school basketball score book you need to separate each game accordingly. List the game location and date at the top. Then list each player ...
1. Read the directions and learn the lingo before the game. Most scorebooks come with a simple glossary of terms to help you understand the basics of keeping score ...
Keeping track of the baseball game is important in order to determine who the winner of the game is and how well they played the game. The baseball scoreboard ...
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