How to Keep a Pumpkin from Rotting?


The secret to keeping your pumpkin from rotting is to keep mold from growing. You can soak your pumpkin in bleach after carving. You can also apply white glue or Vaseline on the inside to keep a pumpkin from rotting.
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1. Choose the right pumpkins. Make sure they have healthy stems attached, are free of rotted spots and feel ripe. A pumpkin with weak or soft spots will rot faster than a healthy,
vasline,pumpkin freash spray, bleach.
There is a spray on preservative called Pumpkin Fresh that will
Unless you freeze the pie within 48 hours after cooking, it will only last in the refriderator for about 5-7 days after cooking. Eat up!
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1. Select pumpkins with an even orange color over the entire rind and those with a short piece of stem still attached. Avoid pumpkins with soft spots or thin, ...
You can keep pumpkins used as decoration from rotting by using the Clorox Cleanup with Bleach. It was proven more effective than vinegar, petroleum jell, and some ...
To prevent a carved pumpkin from drying out and rotting right away they say you should keep in the refrigerator when you are not displaying it. Putting Vaseline ...
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