How to Keep Bats Away?


You can keep bets away by hiring an exterminator that will use chemicals to do that. Also you should avoid turned lights because bats eat insects and insects move usually around lights. You can see more information on this site
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1. Walk through your house and look for any ways bats may be hiding or nesting. Locate areas where the bats nest, including the attic. Bats need only a small space to gain access
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1. Clean your gutters out with a spade, all around the home. Get all leaves, debris and collected water out. Dump the mess onto the ground. Clean the debris up with a rake and dispose
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You will need to put screening on any vents or chimneys that lead into your home. Also it is known the smell of Mint will keep away bats so you can get some plants and put them in your attic but the smell will have to be strong enough to dissuade them from entering in the first place.
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