How to Keep Birds out of Trees?


It is quite easy to keep birds out of trees. Simply hang metal objects from the trees. When these objects (chimes, pans) rattle in the wind, the noise will keep the birds away.
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1. Identify the birds that are causing the problem. Before you can create a defense against nuisance birds, you need to know what they are. Consult a bird-watching guide book or take
you can only spray poison thingys or you will have to cut down the tree or kill the bird (which is illegal)
You can get them away with certain repelling techniques. One I know of is making a hole in the side of an aluminum pie plate with a knife and insert a piece of string through the
1. Select an area between two tall strong supports: two trees, two well-secured wooden posts, two buildings, or a tree and a building that are at least 15 feet apart. Screw the eye
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The best way to keep birds out of your trees is to have the tree free of birds nest. You have to check your trees continuously for nest, because that is a sign that they have made a home in you trees.
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