How to Keep Birds out of Trees?


It is quite easy to keep birds out of trees. Simply hang metal objects from the trees. When these objects (chimes, pans) rattle in the wind, the noise will keep the birds away.
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1. Some people spend a lot of money on bird feeders that are designed to keep out squirrels and I can safely say I think I have personally tried them all. The squirrels just see them
Shotgun, or some food.
1. Clean the tree stump. Use a garden hose to remove any dirt or debris that may have built up on its surface. Pull off any fungus that may be growing on the top of the tree stump
1. Remove any debris from around the downspout that could be used as food sources or nesting materials. The fewer resources in the area that the bird can make use of, the less likely
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The best way to keep birds out of your trees is to have the tree free of birds nest. You have to check your trees continuously for nest, because that is a sign that they have made a home in you trees.
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