How do you keep cats off your car?


Keeping cats off of your care may be difficult. Many cats run free and will at times hide under cars or even near the engine for warmth. A pet store may have a product to spray on your tires to keep cats away. You can find more information here:
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1 Apply a citrus scented wax to your car. Citrus repels cats therefore; one sniff and the cats will turn and go the opposite direction. If a brave cat decides to hop up onto your
Cover it. Either with a car cover or tarp
1 If you want to keep your cat of the car get some citrus fruit; Lemons, oranges, limes, etc. Ad 2 Squeeze the juice (from whatever citrus fruit you choose) and soak a paper towel
Make sure that your oil is in good condition, being changed at regular intervals and the dip stick reads full. Proper oil circulation is very important, particularly after the car
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