How do you keep cats out of a garden?


To keep cats out of a garden, lay down chicken wire in a planting bed above the soil before planting crops or flowers. Cats do not enjoy walking on chicken wire and are unlikely to attempt it a second time.

There are other ways to deter cats from entering a garden. One of the easiest ways involves making strategic use of water. Cats hate getting wet and avoid gardens where a hose is being sprayed or a sprinkler is turned on. There are also sprinklers that go off when a cat or other animal is present. Plants that deter cats from entering a garden include the coleus canina, pennyroyal, rue and lavender. Sprinkling substances like mothballs, cayenne pepper flakes or dried blood fertilizer also keep cats away.

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They sell a few different types of repellents in alot of pet food stores, but a natural way is to spread lemons around and/or spray lemon water. Cats hate citrus for some reason.
1. Spray your landscaped area with a natural citrus spray repellent, or strategically place some lemon or orange peels around your yard. Cats despise the smell of citrus, and it is
1. Shut the door to the room you intend to keep your cat out of. If the room doesn't have a door, put one on as soon as you can. If there is a baby in that room, put up a fly screen
Use bicycle clips.
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