How to Keep Conversation Going with a Guy You like?


To keep the conversation going with a guy you like, talk about things that he may like. This will allow you to identify if you have things in common. Once you have found a topic you both like, be sure to engage in a conversation by asking follow up questions.
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You can keep a conversation going by asking questions or talking about something you both have in common. If you both have children, ask about their ages, what grade they're in and
Communicating with a guy used to mean giving him a call, sitting around and chatting or writing him a letter. Now, with the ever-present nature of text messaging, those working to
talk about something interesting that like.maybe a favorite sport or a car.
1. Keep track of what the other person is saying by being a good listener. A conversation is a free flow of ideas. Those ideas, however, should be interconnected. If you listen closely
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You can start a conversation with the guy you like by trying to find a mutual interest. You can also do something simple like asking him how he is doing, or how ...
Some signs a guy likes you would be hanging around longer than necessary just to see you. Looking you up and making conversation, complimenting you on your appearance ...
1. Dye your hair black, if it isn't already. You can use a temporary color -- even a spray-on hair color -- if you aren't sure if you want to keep this look. 2 ...
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