How to Keep Crawfish Alive?


To keep Crayfish alive make sure they are placed in a moist environment with plenty of air. You can also place the Crayfish in a container with some of the water from the place they were caught .
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You can either house your crawfish in an aquarium or some type of bin that the crawfish can't climb out of. If you put the crawfish in an aquarium, make sure that you attach a device
1. Acquire an insulated cooler with a weight capacity 5 lbs. heavier than the sack of crawfish. For example, if you intend on transporting a 10-lb. bag of crawfish, acquire an insulated
put him in a bucket with wet water plants or wet burlap. NO water other than thet that drips from your cover. he WILL drown if covered with water. he'll also be good to put on that
1. The water must be filtered or it will DIE! Ad. 2. Feed it at least twice a day for as much as it can eat in five minutes. 3. Watch out for any type of fungus on the fins or around
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