How to Keep Dogs off Your Lawn Home Remedies?


One of the home remedies to keep dogs off your lawn is to put garlic, chili pepper, or vinegar soaked in cotton balls in several areas of your lawn. Using motion-activated sprinklers is also a good way to drive them away from your lawn.
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1. Mix 1 cup baking soda with 1 gallon of water. Water yellow spots on your lawn every three days. The animal will no longer recognize the marked area. 2. Sprinkle coffee grounds
1. Sprinkle cayenne pepper over your lawn. There may be a few dogs that won't be affected, but the strong scent of cayenne pepper tends to drive most dogs away. You can sprinkle it
Feeding your dog a small amount of garlic each day will help deter
there is a remedy that calls you to place 2-4 gallon water bottles on the lawn n it should work but not sure if u have to place anything in the bottles.
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