How do you keep gnats away?


To keep gnats away, there are special citron candles you can buy. Put them on your patio and even in your house. Burn them and most bugs will leave the area.
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1. Cut the lawn often and remove weeds. Mosquitoes, gnats and other insects live and hide in tall grasses and weeds. Keep the grass at a short length with regular cutting. 2. Drain
Pine-Sol Brand Disinfectant keeps gnats and mosquitos away and so does ammonia. Avoid having
Do NOT spray insecticide near your bird- this will kill your budgie (aka: parakeet). You can set out sticky paper to catch the gnats on, or you can remove the bird from the area and
1 Fill in holes and uneven areas around your home. These places can collect water, giving mosquitoes a place to breed. Consider buying concrete patch for foundations and driveways
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The Best Way to Repel Gnats
Although more prevalent outside during the warm summer months, tiny little gnats can invade your home anytime of the year. The best way to repel gnats, without using commercial sprays or products, is to get rid of them. Gnats have a life span of about... More »
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Citronella will work to keep gnats away. Use Citronella lotion on your body to keep gnats away from you. If you are outside burn a Citronella candle to keep gnats away.
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