How to Keep Gray Hair from Yellowing?


To keep gray hair from yellowing you will need to purchase a shampoo that is made specifically for silver or platinum blond hair. This is usually some sort of purple shampoo and it brightens hair.
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1. Wash gray hair with a shampoo made specifically for taking the yellow tint out of gray hair. Ask your salon stylist for recommendations of products that would best suit the needs
1. Make sure that you take a shower before the whole process. It can be harder to work with dried hair without any use of products already. 2. When washing your hair, make sure that
use cold water.
Buy Fanciful Roux Rinse ... I'm blonde and use this especially in the summer when I am in the sun and chlorine a lot. It whitens the 'blonde' or 'gold' in your hair. It's a temporary
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How to Keep Gray Hair From Yellowing
Gray hair is going to happen to everyone eventually. Sometimes the gray hair we have takes on a yellowish tint. However, there are solutions to the problem of yellowing gray hair.... More »
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There are beauty products available online that will get the yellow out of gray hair. A product called “Soft Sheen ...
To care for gray hair that is yellowing, use an anti-yellowing shampoo. This will bring back your natural color. ...
From my knowledge to remove yellow from gray hair you could dye it. Buy some gray dye and mix the dye according to the directions. Apply the dye to your hair and ...
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